Snusforumet’s most-read articles of 2023 

Curious about which snus stories everybody was reading last year?

We’ve put together a list of the five most popular articles from 2023. These are the stories that got everyone talking and kept our team busy with all the latest in snus news and insights. 

2023 was packed with great snus stories – from the latest updates on snus policy and EU regulations to changes in taxation in Sweden. These are the articles that stood out and caught our readers’ attention the most. Enjoy reading!

5. “Germany agency: ‘nicotine pouch risks are low’ 

This 2022 article remains relevant as it highlights the German agency’s findings that nicotine pouch risks are considered low, an important piece of information for those weighing the safety of nicotine alternatives. 

4. “EU snus policy favor politics over science”  

This piece stirs the debate on the snus policy in the EU, suggesting that political motives may be overshadowing scientific evidence. It’s a critical reminder of the importance of grounding policy decisions in robust scientific research. 

3. Swedish tobacco tax travesty: punish snus users and keep cigarettes cheap 

Though the article’s discussion on Swedish tobacco tax has become somewhat outdated after the government’s autumn budget and the proposed tax cut on snus from November 2024, the issues it raises about the fairness of taxing snus users more heavily than cigarette smokers remain a point of contention. 

2. European Parliament Backs Safer Tobacco Policy  

The European Parliament’s support for a safer tobacco policy marks a significant step towards recognizing harm reduction strategies in tobacco control. This development could pave the way for more informed discussions on snus and its role in public health. 

1.Dutch move ahead with nicotine pouch ban

As the Dutch government moves forward with a nicotine pouch ban, this article provides a timely exploration of the implications for users and the industry, signaling a tightening of regulations on tobacco alternatives in Europe.  

Those were the top five articles on Snusforumet 2023!

As we enter 2024, we thank our readers for their keen interest in last year’s snus articles. Our commitment is to continue delivering insightful and accurate content.  The conversation around snus safety vs. risk-free use will remain a key focus, as we aim to demystify the science and policies affecting our community.  

Stay tuned for another year of engaging stories and informed debate. 

/The Snusforumet editorial team