Don’t miss Snusforumet’s series of films about nicotine pouches with oncologist Lars Rutqvist.

Do you have questions about nicotine pouches? This relatively new product isn’t well-understood and has given rise to many concerns and misconceptions due to its rapid adoption by smokers looking for safer alternatives to help them kick the habit. So, Snusforumet turned to veteran oncologist and cancer researcher Lars Rutqvist for help.

Rutqvist spent decades researching cancer, tobacco, and public health. After many years at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, he served as head of Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match before shifting to full-time research and consulting in 2018.

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He’s authored more than 150 research reports published in international scientific journals. Among them is one of the world’s largest epidemiological studies of risk factors for cancer in the ear, nose, and throat.

Few researchers have contributed as much to the science of snus as Rutqvist. His research helped play a central role in changing the debate about snus. Thus, Rutqvist is well-positioned to help shed light on the facts – and fiction – related to nicotine pouches and their potential impact on public health.

Watch the nicotine pouch films below and boost your own understanding of this increasingly important low-risk nicotine product.

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