Harm Reduction

‘How Sweden Quit Smoking’ Premieres in Stockholm 

At the Stockholm premiere of ‘How Sweden Quit Smoking’, We Are Innovation showcased Sweden’s journey to being smoke-free. CEO Federico Fernandez emphasized innovative solutions like snus, while panelists discussed Sweden’s effective strategies in reducing smoking rates. 
The premiere of ‘How Sweden Quit Smoking‘ took place on the evening of February 13th in Stockholm’s Östermalm district, attracting a lively crowd of snus enthusiasts. 

We Are Innovation, a network championing innovative solutions, hosted the premiere, drawing attention to Sweden’s smoke-free progress. Directed by Tomasz Agencki from Poland, the film chronicles Sweden’s remarkable journey toward becoming a smoke-free nation. 

“Sweden, like a fine wine, balances traditional views on smoking risks with innovative approaches to snus and nicotine alternatives,” Federico Fernandez, CEO of We Are Innovation, said before the screening.  

Federico Fernandez stressed the role of innovation in tackling major public health challenges. He praised Sweden’s unique approach to smoking cessation, embracing alternative nicotine products such as snus and advocating for an environment where innovators can thrive. 

“Our advocacy is about allowing innovations and empowering innovators to do what they do best,” Federico Fernandez said. 

The documentary explores Sweden’s tobacco history, showcasing how snus played a key role in reducing smoking prevalence, particularly among men.

Following the screening, there was a discussion featuring panelists such as Anders Milton, Chairman of Snuskommissionen, Emelie Nyman, MP Centre Party and Markus Lindblad, Haypp Group.

The following voices were featured in the documentary, sharing their unique perspectives on freedom of choice and the importance of nicotine alternatives in harm reduction:

  • Karl Fagerström, founding member of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 
  • Patrik Strömer, General Secretary of the Swedish Association for Snus Manufacturers 
  • Jeanne-Pierre Barda, lead singer of Army of Lovers 
  • Carissa During, from Considerate Pouchers 
  • Bengt Wiberg, inventor of the “sting-free” snus 
  • Fredrik Nyström, Medical Doctor and University Professor. 

Discussion on themes explored in the documentary

Following the screening, there was a panel discussion which explored the themes in the documentary, giving more insights into Sweden’s innovative solutions and policies that have contributed to the country’s success in reducing smoking rates. 

The panelists included Anders Milton, Chairman of Snuskommissionen, Emelie Nyman, MP Centre Party and Markus Lindblad, Haypp Group. 

The premiere served as a platform for meaningful dialogue, highlighting the importance of innovation in public health policy and Sweden’s pioneering role in tobacco control. 

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