snusforumet readership

Snusforumet readership reaches new heights

Snusforumet readership jumped 44 percent during 2021 amid rising interest in tobacco and public health policy both in Sweden and internationally.

“It’s extremely gratifying to know that so many people are interested in coverage of policy developments related to tobacco, nicotine, and health that emphasizes science,” says Patrik Strömer, Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers.

2021 was an intensive year in public health and tobacco policy. 

The EU launched a landmark plan for beating cancer. One of the plan’s main priorities is to have less than 5 percent of the EU population using tobacco by 2040. 

Debates in the EU, US, and WHO

In its current form, however, the plan fails to distinguish between low-risk products like snus and high-risk cigarettes, despite ample scientific evidence that smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer while snus does not.

This led tobacco harm reduction advocate Clive Bates to criticize the plan as a “failure”, while Swedish MEP Sara Skyttedal accused the European Commission of “dishonesty” when it comes to snus and cancer.

Elsewhere, the US Congress debated a budget proposal that included a “taxable nicotine” provision that could have raised the price of nicotine pouches in the US by 178%. 

And in November, the WHO help its COP9 meetings amid pressure from 100 tobacco policy and public health experts who called on the body to “change its hostile stance on tobacco harm reduction”.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, the Social Democrat-led government proposed a new strategy for guiding public health efforts related to alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco, and gambling (ANDTS). 

However, the bill was roundly criticized by the centre-right opposition for failing to include tobacco harm reduction. The bill was ultimately voted down by the Swedish parliament and so far the government has yet to present a new proposal.

Snusforumet readership up 44 percent

Snusforumet visitor statistics provide additional evidence that 2021 was an intensive year for news related to tobacco and public health policy.

The number of unique visitors to Snusforumet increased by 44 percent during 2021. And the number of page views rose by 182 percent compared to the previous year.

The site also set several single-day and monthly visitor records, with traffic in December 2021 which more than doubled the previous single-month record set in May 2020.

“In addition, an increasing number of readers are choosing to subscribe to the Snusforumet newsletter. And our Twitter account attracts new followers every month,” says Strömer.

“This shows that there is a lot of interest in the issues covered on Snusforumet and that many are interested in science- and fact-based coverage.”

The addition of Snusforumet’s international edition in early 2021 also likely had a significant impact on overall traffic to the site.

“More and more people beyond Sweden’s borders are taking an interest in the fact that Sweden has by far the lowest proportion of tobacco-related deaths in the entire EU,” explains Strömer.
“The explanation is snus. And thanks in part to Snusforumet, awareness of the Swedish Experience with snus and tobacco is increasing around the world.”