Snusforumets mest lästa artiklar

Snusforumet’s most-read articles of 2021

Which stories were the most popular with Snusforumet readers during the last year? We’ve compiled a list of Snusforumet’s most-read articles to make it easier for readers to find, read, and share the “greatest hits” of the past 12 months.

December is often a time for reflection, especially in dark and frigid Sweden, home to Swedish snus and the Snusforumet editorial team.

With so much happening week in, week out and so many stories whizzing across our screens as we scroll through Twitter or Facebook, it’s easy to forget what stories made us stop and take notice.

It’s also not easy to know whether or not the stories had an impact on us also made an impression with others.

That’s why we’ve put together the following list of Snusforumet’s most-read articles of the last year.


Allt färre svenskar röker.

‘Snus has Sweden on track to be world’s first smoke-free country’


Clive Bates

Beating cancer: Clive Bates on what the EU got wrong about tobacco


David Sweanor

David Sweanor: Swedish Match deserves as much credit as Volvo for saving lives


Jo Churchill, Storbritannien Snus

UK breaks from ‘flawed’ EU science with vow of evidence-based snus ban review


Sara Skyttedal, EU-parlamentariker

Swedish MEP calls out Commission ‘dishonesty’ on snus and cancer

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