Swedish government looks to slash taxes on snus, raise tax on cigarettes

The Swedish government has submitted a bill to parliament proposing a reduction in the tax on snus and an increase in taxes on cigarettes, citing snus as being less harmful than cigarettes.

The tax on snus in Sweden is lower than that on cigarettes as cigarettes and smoking tobacco are considered to pose a greater health risk.

The government seeks to extend the difference in taxation levels on different types of tobacco products by further reducing the tax on snus by approximately 20 percent.

Simultaneously, the government intends to raise the tax on cigarettes by about 9 percent.

“An increased tax and thus higher prices on cigarettes and smoking tobacco can contribute to a reduction in smoking,” the government stated in a press release.

“Cigarettes cost society more due to all the health problems associated with smoking, so it makes sense they should be taxed more than snus,” says Patrik Strömer, Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers.