Snus Commission report dispels common snus myths

The Snus Commission has released a new report on the health impacts of snus, finding there is no evidence of a link between snus and cancer, increased cardiovascular disease, tooth loss, or other forms of oral disease. 

The report hopes to inform the ongoing debate on reforming Sweden’s tobacco policy. 

The Commission’s work has been led by Anders Milton, former chairman of the Swedish Medical Association and the government’s psychiatric coordinator. 

Members include Kinna Bellander, journalist and former vice president of TV4 and vice president of MTG; Göran Johnsson, former chairman of IF Metall; and Karl Olov Fagerström, associate professor, and researcher on tobacco and nicotine. 

The Commission is funded by the Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers, but its conclusions are independent, and no one from the association has taken part in the commission’s meetings or been able to comment on the content of the report.

Read the Snus Commission’s debate article in Aftonbladet here.

Read the full report here.