The Swedish Experience

The Swedish Experience with tobacco is unique and stems from the high prevalence of snus use among tobacco users in Sweden. While total tobacco consumption levels in Sweden are comparable with other countries in Europe, Swedish men smoke substantially less than men in other countries. In addition, the risk of a man dying from a tobacco-related illness in Sweden is lower than in any other European country.

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The Paradox: Why is snus outlawed in the European Union?

The Product: What is snus and how does it compare to deadly cigarettes?

The Difference: How does snus differ from other smokeless tobacco products?

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The Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers

The Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers (Svenska Snustillverkarföreningen) is an NGO for companies in Sweden who produce and sell snus. Members include Swedish Match, Skruf, and Gotlandssnus. The Association’s mission is to provide stakeholders and decision makers with relevant information about snus. The Association of Swedish Snus Manufacturers is based in Stockholm, Sweden and led by Patrik Strömer.

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